School uniforms promote safety, equity, school pride, good behavior and support community development.  Students in school uniforms present a professional image to our community and distinguishes our students while they participate in community activities. We are grateful to the MN. Assistance League  for sponsoring our school uniform program through their generous donations year after year.

Pre-K-5 elementary students wear khaki bottoms, navy tops.

All students should wear:

  • Tops with a collar and sleeves that are tucked in
  • Solid colors
  • Clothing without patterns, words, logos, emblems, or insignias
  • Bottoms that are fitted at the waist and hemmed above the floor, held up by a belt
  • Skorts, skirts or jumpers that are knee-length or below. 

If students choose, they may wear:

  • Uniform shorts
  • Tennis shoes 
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts (no hood), and vests of the uniform top color

Please do not wear

  • Skirts with slips
  • Jeans, sweatpants, or jogging pants
  • Jackets, hooded shirts, windbreakers or coats
  • Hats, scarves, bandanas or headbands
  • Combs
  • Sandals and flip-flops