NSJ Community Partners

As a new Community Partnership School (CPS)  Nellie Stone Johnson School will seek to build a program focused on staff and student leadership development, turning today's risk takers into tomorrow's leaders. NSJ intends to use the autonomy offered under Community Partnership School status to redesign the school and build a strong, committed school community. The school has identified a number of areas for improvement such as using data consistently to inform instruction and teacher collaborative work. NSJ also  recognizes the need to provide stronger differentiated instruction and consistent strategies to meet student needs and  increase engagement.

As a Community Partnership School, NSJ plans to implement the following;

  • Create a professional development plan that aligns with school goals and focuses on strategic leadership development.
  • Train, build and retain an expert NSJ teaching and support staff.
  • Extend the student day.
  • Train all staff in culturally competent practices.
  • Develop a model for effectively meeting students' social and emotional needs.
  • Develop a calendar that includes additional professional development and focused data for staff.
  • Implement guided reading, guided math and Responsive Classroom practices.
  • Establish a schoolwide academic language development program for all students.
  • Incorporate resident literacy coaches into the staffing model.
  • Embed professional collaborative time for teacher teams into the day.         

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