Amy Gregoire, Social and Emotional Coach

My name is Amy Gregoire, and I am the Social and Emotional Coach at, Nellie Stone Johnson Community School. As the SEL Coach, I am offering school-wide social skills groups, breathing techniques, school-wide positive approach, and also support our families and community.  

Nellie Stone Johnson recognizes that teaching SEL skills can help increase students self-awareness, impulse control, and boost attendance rates. Which then can help each student make positive and responsible decisions in and outside of the classroom. When combined with effective academic instruction, SEL can help all students have a positive and well-rounded educational experience. In addition to the positive impact of learning social skills. Students who participate in our SEL learning develop a stronger sense of belonging to a social group and a more positive attitude about school. Allowing our students to become young leaders within themselves, they learn how to respond well to positive reinforcements and leadership roles.
Lastly, our school is committed to ensuring that all students at NSJ will not only have strong academic skills. But also with the skills necessary to foster resiliency through our social and emotional education. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. I am proud to work with your kids.
Amy Gregoire