Health services

The school health office provides temporary care for children who become ill or are injured during the school day.  The Health Office is staffed by a school nurse 16 hours a week, and a Health Service Assistant, every day from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.  Parents are contacted if there is prolonged or severe illness or injury.  The Health Office also keeps records, dispenses necessary medications, and coordinates health screenings.

If your child shows any signs of illness, such as nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, rash, etc… please keep him/her home until you can determine how serious the condition may be.  Wait for the results of a throat culture before sending your child to school.  Also, if your child has been ill, do not send him/her to school until 24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal.  This will help reduce the spread of infections throughout the school.  Be sure to notify the school health office of any contagious conditions such as strep throat, head lice, scabies, ringworm, or other childhood diseases.

If your child has any serious health conditions, notify the school health office and the teacher.  Make sure that the information is noted on your child’s health record, so that proper procedures can be taken to help your child at school


According to Minneapolis Public Schools’ policy, medication will be administered only when failure to take the prescribed medicine will be detrimental to the child’s health.  Short term medications will be detrimental to the child’s health.  Short term medications such as antibiotics can usually be taken before and after school.  Any medication administered by school personnel requires a completed Medication Consent Form signed by physician and parent must have a prescription label on it.

Health screenings

Hearing, vision, growth, and scoliosis screening is done for students periodically at different ages.  Parents are informed if there are any problems.  You may refer your child to the health office for screening at any time if you feel there may be a problem.

Head lice

Periodically during the school year, we identify isolated cases of head lice at school.  Head lice are not related to socioeconomic status, age, sex, length of hair, or shampoo.  Head lice cannot jump and are not airborne; they are transmitted from child to child through the sharing of combs, hats, sweaters, etc.  If you suspect lice on your child (excessive itching of the scalp), send a note to the school health office so your child can be checked.  A preparation is readily available at every drugstore for immediate non-prescriptive treatment.  After shampooing to kill live lice, we recommend removal of all nits from your child’s hair.  Once your child has been treated at home for head lice, he/she will be admitted to class.  For more information, call the school health office at 612.668.2936.  An information sheet will be sent home.  All parents will be notified if head lice is discovered in their child’s classroom.