Field Day 2016



The goal of Field Day is to provide a time for all students and staff at NSJ to participate in physical activity and to enjoy the outdoors and each other. It is a celebration of our school community and our year together. Our goal for the day is:  PLAY HARD, PLAY FAIR, & HAVE FUN!

We ask that you reinforce with your child that although this is an unusual school day, safe, courteous, and kind behaviors are expected.


1.       Kindness and cooperation in line

2.       Positive remarks are encouraged

3.       Students should be participating

4.       Students should stay on the assigned event area

5.       Water bottles are to be used for drinking!

FOOTWEAR Since this is a day of physical activity, it is strongly recommended that students wear an athletic type shoe or sandal with straps and/or Velcro that keeps the shoe on the foot. Crocs, platform shoes, and flip-flops are not permitted.



Field Day 2016