NSJ Student Council Contract

Being a member of Nellie Stone Johnson Community School Student Council is a privilege and big responsibility. Student Council members are student leaders and are expected to act as such at all times. Members of the student council are held to an even higher standard than other students at NSJ, academically and behaviorally.

Student Council Members agree to:

•    Attend ALL general Student Council meetings
        o    If you are unable to come to a scheduled meeting, please let Ms. Carriger, Mr. Mason. or Mr. Engstrom know ASAP
•    Hold myself to a higher standard and lead by example
•    Stay on Honor Level 1 or 2
•    Be respectful of my classmates and NSJ staff in school and after-school
        o    When one person is talking, I should end my conversation and listen to what others have to say
•    Be there for my Student Council members when they need my support
•    Take responsibility for my actions
•    Work together to come up with ideas and to help each other solve problems