A Student Council Meeting is a Business Meeting.

1. Agenda: List the important points to be presented to the council. The president and the adviser shoul do this the day before the meeting.

2. Call to Order: This is the official opening of the meeting done by the presiding officer (president or vice president)

3. Roll Call: Take attendance because more than half the members must be present (a quorum) in order to vote.

4. Reading of Minutes: This is the secretary's brief summary of what was done at the last meeting.

5. Ice breaker/Joke of the day

6. Officer/Committee Reports: The treasurer should report on any transactions since the last meeting and give the current budget. Plus, any committee chair should report on what the committee has done since the last meeting.

7. Unfinished Business: This is the business that was on the last agenda, but was not discussed or voted on.

8. New Business: These are issues, concerns and questions that have not been discussed beofre. They are new ideas the council wants to discuss.

9. Announcements: These are reminders about coming events, messages to take back to homerooms, when the next meeting will be, etc.

10. Adjournment: This vote formally ends the meeting.