Why are Parents Important to NSJ?
Elizabeth-Ann Lasley
NSJ Family / Community / Volunteer Liaison

Why are Parents Important to NSJ?

Research and surveys have proven that parent involvement directly influences student academic achievement.  Parents and teachers working together to promote academic success helps students and it improves the school overall.  The staff of NSJ wants to work together with parents to encourage high academic expectations and support positive social development. In addition, Nellie Stone Johnson School invites all parents to become active partners in their child’s education. 
Many ways Parents can help...

  • Attend Parent & Teachers Conferences
  • Work with community agencies
  • Learn classroom academic standards
  • Volunteer at Family Learning Nights
  • Give feedback to teachers and principals
  • Become a member  the NSJ Site Council meetings
  • Read the school & classroom newsletters
  • Help plan & organize the science fair
  • Call your child’s classroom teacher
  • Give your child encouragement everyday
  • Read a book and check homework nightly
  • Learn school & district policies
  • Help make decisions at your school
  • Ask your child about their day at school
  • Volunteer at Student of the Month events
  • Attend Area A and Title One Meetings
  • Encourage perfect attendance at school
  • Make family trips to the library and museum
  • Enroll in the CPEO Classes for Parents

If you are interested in volunteering, becoming a
committee member or have any additional questions please call

Elizabeth-Ann Lasley, Parent & Community Liaison
Phone:  (612) 668-2947
E-mail: Elizabeth.Lasley@mpls.k12.mn.us  
contact info 612-668-2947 and Elizabeth.Lasley@mpls.k12.mn.us