Support Staff


Our school social workers serve as liaisons between home and school in identifying and providing help for behavior, learning problems, and attendance.  The social workers are available for consultation and referral.  Community agencies provide many services to students through casework, group work, tutoring, and Big Brother and Big Sister relationships, as well as providing clothing, housing and food assistance.  All referrals are handled by one of our social workers, Bonnie Beckel at 668-2950


In order to assist students in learning and managing appropriate school wide behavior, Nellie Stone Johnson School has a Reflection Room.  This area is used to resolve conflicts with students, conference as needed, and de-escalate behavior problems.  There are two adults who assist and work with students and staff in behavior support.  They monitor halls during transitions, provide behavior and academic support in classrooms, call parents as requested, Time Out students as requested by a referring adult, respond to calls for assistance from teachers and provide supervision for in-school suspensions as directed by administration.  Reflection Room Staff keep behavior data on student and participate in positive behavior plans with students.  Reflection Room Staff also mentor students as intervention when it is agreed upon by the behavior support team.  An In School Suspension room is used for students that have committed actions worthy of suspension, but the school administration has judged to keep them at school.


Nellie Stone Johnson receives Federal funds for Title I.  All children are eligible to receive service in reading and/or math.  Service is provided by a Title I teacher, Education Assistants, Bilingual Program Assistants, a Family Liaison and a computer lab.


Nellie Stone Johnson is a city-wide center for Hmong speaking children who are eligible for the Minneapolis English Language Learners Program.  These children participate in regular classes each day and attend a native language reading class or English as Second Language class each day as well.



This program includes direct teaching of Interdisciplinary Language Arts and Mathematics.  It also involves a collaborative component which addresses creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills and creative problem solving.  Nellie Stone Johnson has full time Catalyst Resource teachers who provide supplemental classes designed to meet the needs of all students.  All areas of study are created to promote higher levels through multidisciplinary thematic units using “hands on” activities, simulations, and cooperative learning.