Core Values

  1. Safety, security and order
  2. Belief System-Effort Based Education
  3. Customer Excellence
  4. Professional Development
  5. Technology Integration
  6. Family Involvement

Safety, Security and Order

We will implement the six components of school-wide discipline:

  1. Common approach to discipline.
  2. Clear set of behavioral expectations.
  3. Procedure for teaching expected behaviors.
  4. Continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior.
  5. Continuum of procedures for discouraging problem behavior.
  6. Procedures for on-going monitoring and evaluation.

Positive behavior support is a school-wide strategy for helping all students achieve       

Effort-based Education

“Effort –orientated education promises to each student, regardless of the kind of measured ability he or she may  show on the onset-as much instruction, of the highest quality, as he or she needs to meet a set of achievement standards that will not be compromised.” Daedalus,
Customer Excellence

      We will establish a positive image of Nellie Stone Johnson Community School by:

  • Each employee taking personal responsibility for creating a successful customer encounter and working together to delight the customer.
  • Assure clear, consistent communication between Nellie Stone Johnson staff and our customers.
  • Manage customer problems to ensure effective solutions and positive customer testimonials
  • Establishing and maintaining a solid customer base.

Professional Development

We will implement the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) at Nellie Stone Johnson School. It is a research-based school improvement model designed to attract, retain and motivate the best talent in the teaching profession.  We will use clear comprehensive teaching standards that all teachers are trained to meet.  Ongoing classroom support and coaching is provided to all teachers for improvement, not just for remediation. All observations include coaching and assistance.  TAP observations insure that all teachers
  have the opportunity to grow and become better instructors so that their students will achieve more.

We believe that “when teachers are learning, students are learning.”

Technology Integration

Technology provides teachers and students with a set of tools to research, communicate and solve problems in ways that they never have been able to in the past. Technology has changed the ways learners access knowledge and demonstrate learning.  Using technology in our classrooms will no longer be optional. It is imperative that we find ways to bring these exciting tools to the teaching and learning experiences of our classrooms.

“Integration of technology is not about technology, it is primarily about content and effective instructional practices.  Technology involves the tools with which we deliver content and implement practices in better ways. Its focus must be on curriculum and learning. Integration is defined not by the amount or type of technology used, but by how and why it is used.” 
  Rodney Earle, 2002

Technology at Nellie Stone Johnson

  • Audio Enhancement System
  • Document cameras
  • Promethean and SMART Boards
  • LCD Projectors
  • Three computer labs
  • 14 laptops for Robotics
  • Technology Integration Specialist
  • Technology support

Parent Involvement Opportunities at Nellie Stone Johnson Community School

  1. Attending Open House.
  2. Family Fun & Learning Nights which are held the second Thursday of each month.
  3. Fall and Spring Parent/Teacher conferences.
  4. Volunteer opportunities.
  5. Middle School honor roll lunch.
  6. Middle School athletics.
  7. Field trips.
  8. Member of the NSJ Governing Council.
  9. Reading or listening to your child read at home.
  10. Attending student performances.
  11. Assisting at the school carnival.
  12. Reading to students in the classroom.
  13. NSJ representative for District Parent Advisory Council.

We would like to thank our community partners including Beacons, General Mills, Speak The Word Church, University of Minnesota Lead Peace Project, Get Ready, Reading Corps, Americorps, Urban Hope Ministries, Children’s Dental Services, Hawthorne Huddle, The Village and all volunteers who work at NSJ and the community to support our children and families.

Important social and learning goals.  We know when good teaching and good behavior come together, our students will excel in their learning.