The school lunchroom is operated as a service to provide wholesome, nutritious breakfasts and lunches. Free or reduced lunches are available to all students. However, a lunch form must be completed at the start of the school year.


Breakfast hours are 7:45 a.m. – 8:05 a.m.

Breakfast Rules

Students should not arrive before 7:50 a.m. Teachers should be ready to receive students at 7:50 a.m. Walkers arriving at 7:50 a.m. or later should proceed directly to the breakfast room. There will be no talking during breakfast. Breakfast will not be served after 8:05 a.m. The breakfast room is supervised only during that 15 minute time period.

Students are expected to eat prior to the start of the school day, which is 8:05 a.m. If a bus arrives late, students will be permitted to eat breakfast. There will be no talking during breakfast. Students talking will be directed to move to another table. If this does not work, they will be asked to leave the breakfast.

Other students arriving after 8:05 a.m. are considered tardy and should report directly to the office for a late pass and then to their classroom.  Breakfast will not be served to tardy students.

Remember, students need to report to the breakfast room directly from the buses.  Students are not to go to their lockers or classroom before eating breakfast.

Lunchroom Rules

  • Children are expected to follow the lunchroom rules below.
  • Students will remain seated at all times.
  • Students will use a quiet voice.
  • Students will raise their hands for help.
  • Students will line up quietly.
  • Students will follow directions of all adults.

Middle School Lunches

For middle school students there are separate lunch times, grouped by grade, and taking place at different times during fourth hour.  Middle school students should go to their fourth hour class and then are escorted by their teachers to the lunchroom.

Elementary School Lunches.

Elementary students eat lunch with their class mates at different times during the day. Recess precedes or follows lunch daily.